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Free your time! Ten Admin tasks to outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Let's face it. Life can be very hectic. Your 'To-Do' list is getting longer by the day and, before you know it, you're working 14 hour days on the treadmill of life but not really achieving what you REALLY want to.

Wouldn't it be great if you could pass on some of this work to a trusted professional to give you the time back to focus on working ON your business whilst someone else takes care of the tasks that take your all time and just tie you down.

Take back the control!

In a few simple steps you could be outsourcing some, or all, of that tedious admin work which ties you to your desk. A Virtual Assistant will work with you to come up with a step-by-step plan of what you can delegate and how long it would take. 

Remember, what might take you a few hours to do (whilst you are answering the phone, replying to that pinging email sound & sorting staff conflicts out) could take a VA half that time saving you time and money!

So...what jobs could you contract out to a Virtual Assistant?

Top Ten Admin Tasks to Outsource

Copy Typing

A good virtual assistant can take all your typing work straight off your hands. Whether it is a batch of official letters or documents that need typing up. What about those letters to your Associates? Perhaps you would really love to become better at communicating with your shareholders but, at this point, it is just a 'Nice Idea' as you really don't have the time. We can take the workload and professionally type all your documents as if you did them yourselves while you use that time to work on the business

Filing Expenses

Often top of the list for people's admin woes and a big reason executives employ a PA. It is boring, tedious and repetitive. Because of this is it often put off...and put off...and put off again. Leaving it hanging over your head to be charged through at the end of the month or the end of every six months one evening 'when you have time'. Any jobs which remain on the to-do list until you HAVE to deal with them make you less productive. Delegate it and outsource it and have those hours back to do something MORE productive

Preparing Presentations

Writing the content of a presentation can often be quick and simple. What takes the time is making it look great. Making it look engaging. Making it something you are going to be proud to stand up and deliver to a room full of people. Whether you provide the content for a VA to produce a perfect looking presentation or work with them on Skype to do it together it is simply another job you can outsource to a professional with the time to focus on JUST THAT JOB for you.

Email Management

Do you have a full inbox and the emails slide to page two before you even have chance to read them, prioritise them or reply? This is the one of the biggest things we could do to help you. We can file the emails, unsubscribe from irrelevant ones (you know the ones you don't remember subscribing to which you delete as it's quicker than un-subscribing...but that wont stop the next ten emails coming in from them) , prioritise, reply, send holding emails and help you to operate an EMPTY INBOX policy.

Diary Management

Your virtual assistant can manage your diary, book appointments, send reminders, send through agendas, book travel, meeting rooms, catering. Even take minutes virtually through trusty programmes such as Skype. 

Lifestyle Management

If you have ever sat in a meeting trying to focus and suddenly remembered a birthday you've forgotten perhaps you could should consider using a Virtual Assistant for Lifestyle Management. A VA can source Birthday and Christmas presents, send cards, diary reminders, book restaurants, research and find the best hotel to stay at or restaurant to take your new client. They can even book your holiday for you! With none of these things playing on your mind you can't help but become more focused on the really important aspects of growing your business

Online Research

Are you thinking of setting up a business or trialling a new product? A virtual assistant can take on all that boring online research for you. Compare prices, check out the competition, set up surveys and collate the results. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail as the old saying goes. But do you have time to prepare? No? Then outsource it.

Data Entry

Everyone's favourite job. Maybe you have been busy collecting email addresses to build a super efficient marketing database. You've got the emails but not the time to build the list. Whatever data you need entering a Virtual assistant can take it off your hands and return it in the time frame you require with no hassle and no fuss. More time for you to get on with other things.


You need an employee but haven't the time to recruit. We can help you with your recruitment. We can produce advertisements, field calls, create a shortlist, sift through CV's and sort into piles. Book interview dates, type interview questions, take notes during interviews, contact the clients, sort contracts, produce relevant paperwork.  And much, much more!

Cost Cutting Audit

This is a common contract for Intelligent VA. Are you paying too much for your supplies? Your IT support? Your office bills, your rent? You've always used the same supplier but are they the cheapest? A virtual assistant can do all the leg work for you. By paying a VA for a few hours to audit your outgoings you could ultimately save the business hundreds, if not thousands, over the course of a business year

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of services a Virtual Assistant can provide to a business however, in our experience, the list above are the TOP TEN tasks you could outsource to a trusted professional to allow you to get back to doing all the things you really want to do but don't have the time.

Want to make the most of your time and use it wisely? 
Why not give us a call? We could be the answer to your prayers!

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