Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Becoming remote...

My first full day working for myself as The Intelligent VA Company draws to a close. Today I was contracted to my previous employers, The Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey Team, and I spent the day generally completing tasks I had completed a thousand times over the last nine years.

However today was different. Today I was working remotely and today I achieved a heck of a lot more than I would normally be able to achieve on an average working day

Most people know about the benefits working remotely can bring but, as its part of what makes the business of being a VA (and therefore my business) unique, I thought it might be a good blog post to highlight them

Less Distractions. Ever been in the office and wound up covering the phones for colleagues whilst they go on hour long lunch breaks/shopping sprees? You type two lines of an email or a press release then you answer the phone. You spend two minutes taking a message or explaining that it is your colleagues area so you can't give them the answer they need but someone will get back to you. During that hour or two you've probably managed to work about 40 minutes...maybe less.

Your colleague has a story to tell about their weekend, you get called into a meeting about a meeting, its your turn to make the round of tea (fifteen minutes making 8 different drinks according to the chart on the wall explaining who takes what) or you just get distracted by other peoples conversations and join in with your own opinion.

Today I worked for eight solid hours. My phone rang twice, I made one pot of coffee and ate a sandwich at my desk. No distractions just me, my computer and my (undisturbed) focus

There are benefits for the employer as well though. No need to find more expensive office space, another computer, IT costs to hook the new computer up to the network.

The list goes on...
No recruitment or agency fees incurred.
No HR headaches like tax, nationaI  insurance or employee benefits.
Employees and temps are paid by you for coffee breaks, toilet visits and time taken for personal calls and issues.
You only pay for the work that is done - so if you only need six hours of marketing support a week (by an experience professional) that's all you pay for. No need to employ a member of staff for this role
You don’t have to worry about insurance, paid holidays, or other expenses of a permanent employee.
There's no expense or down time for training new employees - A VA has all the experience you need and more
VAs offer flexibility – they are available outside of normal hours, have no minimum hour commitment and are only paid for the hours they work.VAs have a vested interest in the success of your business, so client confidentiality is paramount and they will treat your business as their own. 
In a nutshell then.Today I had an extremely productive day on behalf of one of my clients. Being a VA allows me to offer experience, flexibility, professionalism and great service. 
Could be exactly what you're looking for?
 Remote working and using a Virtual Assistant. It's the future! 
Trust me...i'm a VA!

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