Friday, 14 September 2012


Here we are at the end of week one working full time for The Intelligent VA Company.

It's been a great week, surreal in places, brilliant in others, productive, disciplined, fun...all of the things I expected and hoped it might be. Although I am sure few follow this blog at this current moment in time, being the well manner and apologetic brit that I am, i'm sorry its been a few days between posting. Life took charge a little

I've learnt many things this week.

1/ The broadband does not like it if we move the machine further south of the large ancient and original brick fireplace in the kitchen

2/ It as always good practice to have an overstock of coffee and tea in near reach for staff, meetings and general useage. Not good practice to run out

4/ The new office is light and airy with lots of windows. Which is great...until it rains. Then it is also dark and stormy

5/ Dropbox is brilliant

6/ You don't need 'ALL' notifications set as an email alert for Linkedin. (Full inbox already)

7/ The possibilities are endless if you work hard, believe in the business and want to achieve something

I guess the last one is the most important. It is certainly not going to be quick, easy or simple but if you believe in what you're doing then that's the thing that counts the most

More industry related posts next week I promise. Honest.

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